Classpass: YASS or Pass?

I’m not sure how many of you follow astrology. I myself am not a firm believer, but I am a Sagittarius. There is one thing I can agree on, and it is my love for change. I get BORED easily. That is why for my first Wellness Wednesday, I wanted to share with you all an app that has been working really well for me the last few months: Classpass (view website here)
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As I’ve said before, working out has been a part of my life since high school volleyball. My relationship with working out has definitely had its ups and downs. I have gone from gym memberships, to outdoor workouts, to memberships to various studios, and I always seemed to find myself in one of two outcomes: either A) I’m doing the same workouts over and over again and getting bored/reached a plateau or B) I’ve found a studio I am enjoying now, but spending way too much money monthly. The last few months I’ve been doing a combination of going to the gym, working out outside, and the app I really wanted to focus on: Classpass.

It is essentially a service that allows you to take classes at various studios in your area. Over the last few months that I’ve had membership, I have taken 33 classes in total. The classes I usually take range from yoga, cycle, interval training, barre, pilates, etc. This is not only limited to those types of exercises. I’ve seen stuff like open gym time, boxing, and cryotheraphy just to name a few. You decide on what plan you want which gives you a certain amount of credits per month. Each class has varying credit amounts. I currently am doing a $60 per month which includes a 36 credit option. Other plans are: $49 a month for 27 credits (booking 3-4 classes), $79 a month for 45 credits (booking 5-8 classes) or $139 a month (10-15 classes). A nice feature they added is that up to 10 credits can roll over to your next payment cycle should you choose to not use all of your credits in any given month. This has been a game changer to my weekly workouts, but I’ll write some pros & cons for you all so you can decide if it works for you!


One huge pro for me that I noticed right away was how much cheaper it was for me, considering what I was paying for studios in the past. I have had yoga membership at a couple different studios before, and prices would range anywhere from $105-$185 per month. Granted, this was for unlimited classes, however after a few months I saw myself dropping in the amount of times I would go from 3-5 times a week to probably 1-2 times a week or less. Cutting the price to less than half and going about the same amount of time was a huge selling point for me.

Another major issue I was facing was the boredom factor. Going to something like yoga over and over again for months at a time became kind of a drag. The amount of times I would go would dwindle down, and I wasn’t seeing the results in my body that I was in the beginning. Classpass allows me to broaden my horizons, and take different classes that interest me. I like to think of it like studio speed-dating. I’m able to attend tons of different classes without the commitment of signing up with any one studio. They have also changed it so you can attend the same studios more than once a month. The credit amount may change, but they do not restrict the amount of times you can go to any specific studio. That way I’m able to try anything that may interest me, while still visiting some of my staple studios that I have grown to love. I can honestly say I’ve been able to try things I never would have had it not been for Classpass.

Classpass also has very simple filters to find the class that works for you. You can edit filters to show certain cities (I only will search certain cities in Orange County), a certain time frame that fits your schedule, certain activities, and certain amenities. I really like that I am able to choose studios around where I work on weekdays, and studios around my home on weekends.


One con that comes up is Classpass will charge you if you sign up for a class and do not attend. If you cancel within 12 hours of class time you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $15. If you miss a class without canceling, you will be charged a missed class fee. I have never flat out missed a class before, so I am not certain exactly what the missed class fee would be, but I know it’s going to be more than $15. It makes sense. If you are taking up a spot in a class and the class is full, you not showing up to the studio will ultimately lose them money. Usually this makes me even more motivated to attend the classes I sign up for. I am less likely to miss if I’m going to be charged. However, I have come across instances where an emergency arises where you cannot attend and you are out of luck. One time I signed up for a class the same day, only to find out I had to stay later than expected at work. Even though the class was clearly not full since I was able to book same-day, I still had to pay the $15 cancelation fee. I have not faced this issue too many times when I am paying for a full membership with a studio directly.

Another con I have personally dealt with is the fact there is no phone number to call to reach Classpass directly. This was a huge inconvenience for me when I went to attend a class, showed up 15 minutes early (Classpass suggested I come 5 minutes early), only to find out the class was in a busy downtown area with events going on that left absolutely no street parking. It was for a cycle studio, so if you are late they will not allow you to enter. I called the studio and let them know I could not attend, and they assured me it was no problem. Classpass, on the other hand, was still going to charge me the $15. I didn’t feel I should be charged the late fee, but trying to get in contact with Classpass was a major pain. They had tons of verifications to prove I wasn’t a robot that took a lot of time before I was even able to send a message in the app addressing what my issue was. They were eventually able to resolve it, but it was not easy.

One con I have difficulty getting over is the constant feeling of being the new person at every class I attend. One thing I liked about attending the same studio was being greeted by name every time I entered, and having an idea about the exercises we were about to do. I liked going in and feeling confident about knowing what exercises we would be doing. Attending various studios always made me a little self conscious and unsure of myself through each workout, since every studio is going to be a little different. Also, classes do have reviews, but sometimes it doesn’t give you a full idea of what to expect. One time I arrived at a class only to realize it was a dance class for senior citizens and I was a good 40 years younger than everyone else attending.

Weighing the pros and cons personally, I felt it was worth it. I’m able to try all the different studios I’m interested in, without having to spend tons of cash. If you have a set schedule, and know what days you have free for a workout, this is the app for you.

Deciding to give it a try?

If you do choose to give it a try, right now they are offering a free month. If you like, you can use my link here when you sign up. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

2 thoughts on “Classpass: YASS or Pass?

  1. Interesting reading! I can’t join a gym. I’ve adopted a lifestyle years ago. I’ve been exercising since I was 5 years old with Jack Lowe Lane. I was s college professor for the PE department at the age of 25. I absolutely love my membership at Sea Cliff Country Club. It’s a lifestyle and I miss the people I had to take a month off and it was not good for me but I had an injury to play tennis at least three days a week I work out at home is the gym at the club I like to work at home so I know what to do .

    I know that everybody’s different so everyone has to find her own niche, it would be fun taking other people’s classes but I’ve been teaching so long I like to do my own thing.
    Don’t get me wrong I would love to join my friend yoga studio but I have a yoga studio at my house then I’d have to work around her hours I’d rather just exercises at home it’s a great way for me personally but I work from home as well.

    I go to the club for socialization and to play tennis and it’s a beautiful place!! I feel like I’m on vacation and they miss me when I’m gone.

    Enjoy take one day at a time


    1. Sounds like you’ve found something that works for you! That’s great! Maybe they have a drop in option at the yoga studio so you could go in once or twice to test it out without committing to it!


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