Peak Strength & Conditioning

Location: PEAK Strength & Conditioning
Address: 6921 Cerritos Ave. Stanton, CA 90680
Discovered Through: One of my good friends from high school is a trainer here!

Hello everyone & Happy Wellness Wednesday! Just wanted to pop in here and tell you about a great wellness opportunity! For the second time, I attended the free Women’s Bootcamp at Peak Strength & Conditioning (Instagram here). One of my good friends from high school leads this class, and she is how I discovered this gym.

I’ve gone to similar classes as this one, where you are essentially doing a warmup, circuits, and a finisher of some sort. I have to say that both the times I’ve gone have been a much tougher workout than other classes I have attended. To warm up, we did some plyometric work. Then we got into the nitty gritty which was the circuit training. Since it was a smaller class, Coach Jack (Instagram here) was able to keep an eye out on everyone attending (she is GOING to make sure you aren’t cheating), but she does a great job of reminding you of form so you don’t hurt yourself. She made sure to see if anyone had any injuries before we started. She paired us up and we went through the six stations (listed in the above picture) six times with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off (we also got 2 one minute breaks during the workout), and you guys it seriously kicked my butt. Such a good workout. It was nice to have someone keeping us accountable through the whole workout, because in bigger classes it makes it easy to slack off. For finishers we got into groups of three, where two people held bands that were wrapped around you to add resistance while you did bear crawls and ran. I ended sweaty and exhausted. I will attach some photos for you of some of the equipment we used so you all can get an idea of what the gym looks like.

These women bootcamp classes are offered the beginning of every month. The next one is February 9th. You can RSVP through Jackie’s Instagram page or Peak’s Instagram page a few days before.

As far as the gym, they offer various programs here.

That’s all for today’s Wellness Wednesday! Have a wonderful rest of your night!

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