Staple for Every Woman’s Closet: Winter Edition

Hello everyone! For today’s Fashion Friday I wanted to focus on one item I believe should be a staple in every wardrobe: the black leather jacket. It can add some edge to any outfit, and also be styled in tons of different ways. I will show you a couple very different looks I was able to create with one, as well as linking some of the jackets I like below!

1Sexy/Night Time. By pairing my leather jacket with a lace bodysuit, black jeans, and black booties, I was able to create a simple going-out look during these colder months. You’re able to show some skin without freezing. I think the leather jacket perfectly complements the lace on the bodysuit.






2Feminine/Day Time. Another way I love to pair a leather jacket is with a dress to make it look more interesting. Not only does it make you quite a bit warmer, but it add some edginess to the outfit. I’ll typically pair the jacket with matching leather booties to complete a look. This works well for cooler days just to add an extra layer.






3Athleisure/Any Time. Last, and probably my favorite way to pair a leather jacket is with my workout clothes. I love the layering look of throwing my leather jacket over a colored hoodie and a pair of yoga pants. This is the perfect way to run errands before or after a workout (or at least look like you are about to work out/just finished working out). This was my favorite trick to do in college since wearing pajamas to class was a little frowned upon. It’s cute and it’s comfortable.




Now that you have a little inspiration on how you can pair your jacket, I thought I’d link some of my favorites in case you don’t have one already!

Rosa Biker Jacket – $88.
Pictured in my “sexy” look above
Runs a little bit bigger, for a not so fitted look





Faux Leather Moto Jacket – $98
Pictured in my “feminine” and “athleisure” looks above
Love how form-fitting it is






Faux Leather Moto Jacket – $34.90
Found online- cheaper option
Not crazy about the lower strap around the bottom





Cool Studded Moto Jacket– $82
($69.70 with code FIFTEEN, while sale runs)
Found online
Love the studs





Dylan Hooded Faux Leather Bomber Jacket – $88
Found Online
Already has hoodie attached for “athleisure” look



That’s all for now! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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