Meal Deal Spotlight

Location: Chili’s
Discovered Through: Been going for years

1I’m usually a huge fan of small hole-in-the-wall type places. I’m usually one to support small businesses when I can, but sometimes those chain restaurants can be so GOOD. On today’s Munch Monday I thought I’d share with you an amazing deal I came across. At Chili’s they have a 3 for $10 meal which comes with: a beverage, appetizer, & an entree. This would be ideal for lunch, but there was nothing indicating that it wouldn’t be available for dinner time as well. As a person that loves to eat out, but doesn’t always have “eat-out” money, I thought I couldn’t pass the chance up to share this with you. The drink options consisted of soft drinks, but you were able to upgrade to a Presidente Margarita (240 calories) for an additional $5. To start, you were able to choose between a salad, a cup of soup, chili, or chips & salsa (guacamole was an extra $1.50). My Dad chose to go with the cup of chili (400 calories) while I decided on their enchilada soup (220 calories).


As for the entrees, I went with the Margarita Grilled Chicken with no tomatoes (630 calories), while my Dad ordered the Original Bacon Cheeseburger (1060 calories). I have had it before and it never disappoints. My chicken came with black beans, rice, and tortilla strips. I asked for no pico since I am not a huge fan of tomatoes. The dish came garnished with a lime, which I squeezed on to the entire plate. I didn’t even finish half of it. My Dad’s burger came with a side of pickles and french fries and he ended up with half of the burger for leftovers as well. There wasn’t a ton of options to choose from for the $10 special, but you simply can’t beat those prices.



For a bonus, we got a free side of chips & salsa to start the meal. My Dad has signed up with the Chili’s Rewards prior to our visit which was free to join. It is a loyalty program that allows a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage or a side of chips and salsa each time you visit. The chips were very fresh and the salsa was quite tasty. He let me know they will also email him anytime they have specials going on at the restaurant. All in all, the bill ended up being less than $22, and we were able to take a lot home for leftovers. Our very friendly server was unsure how long this deal would be running, but I urge all of you to head down there while it lasts. Happy savings!

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