Patchology: Perfect Ten & Pedicure

It has been rainy, rainy, rainy in Southern California, so what better way to spend your Stay-at-Home Tuesday with some moisturizing and self care! Today I’ll be reviewing two items from Patchology (website here):
Warmup: Perfect Ten
Poshpeel: Pedi Cure
Discovered through: Join Palm (website here), was gifted to me

warmup-perfectten-box_1100x1100The ProductWarm Up: Perfect Ten (Purchase here): $10 for 1 treatment. The product is advertised as a “self-warming hand and cuticle mask”, with academia oil, shea butter, and rosehip oil.
The Process: The kit comes with two oven mitt looking gloves you slide on. Inside is a cream which smells nicely of coconut. There is a little tab that is sticky to keep them on tightly. You’re supposed to leave them on for ten minutes & massage the excess lotion into the skin at the end.  I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do it one at a time, but once you have one mitt on it make it nearly impossible to put the other one on. I did both at the same time but definitely needed help putting them on and taking them off. The packaging advertises it as “using the same insulation technology as space blankets”, which I find amusing because I did not notice any warming sensations at all. Guess I’d be in trouble in space.
The Result: I liked the fact you only leave it on for ten minutes. Your hands are pretty much useless during the process. After I cut the gloves off, I was left with quite a bit of the lotion on my hands that took a little white to massage in. Once I did have them off, my hands were quite a bit softer. I’ve definitely felt the difference of the cold weather in my skin, so I was very happy with the results. They smell pretty nice too.


The Product: Poshpeel Pedi Cure (Purchase here): $20 for 1 treatment. It is advertised as “gently exfoliates and resurfaces feet” with advanced AHA + BHA botanical blend (no idea what these things are).
The ProcessThe kit comes with all that is pictured. The foot package had two feet “socks” you can put on, also with a sticky adhesive to keep them on tight. You’re able to pour as much as the smaller packets into these socks, and I ended up just putting the whole thing in it. You’re supposed to keep them on for 60 minutes. They also suggest soaking your feet in water ten minutes before the treatment and 10 minutes after. I was able to walk around with these on, but for the most part I kept my feet on the bed while I put a movie on. Did not notice any leakage from the socks, despite the fact there was quite a bit of liquid in them. I did not soak my feet before, and after removing the socks I soaked my feet for about 7 minutes before I got bored and dried them off.
The Result:

Day One: I took the socks off, soaked my feet for about seven minutes, and dried them off. I haven’t noticed a ton of different in my feet, but they do advertise “progressively smoother results over 3-7 days”. Will probably have to check in later. It does not say anything about changing my every day lifestyle, so I have a full day of cleaning and a workout expected for today. It does say some peeling action will take place, and to not use abrasive tools or soaking salts to accelerate the process. I am a little nervous to see how much peeling will occur.
Day TwoDefinitely some light peeling going on. I thought I got away with no peeling all day until I took my shoes off before bed and saw that there was some around the edges of my feet. Hoping this means they’ll be super soft soon!
Day FourFeet are surprisingly super soft.

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