Fuego Restaurant in Long Beach

Location: Fuego Restaurant in Long Beach (website here)
Brunch: 11am-2pm Sundays
Address: The Maya Hotel: 700 Queensway Drive Long Beach, CA 90802
Discovered Through: Chosen from SoCal Blogger Babes

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I LOVE BRUNCH, to add the icing on the cake, a Mexican brunch makes a good thing even better. I was invited to go to Fuego and it did not disappoint. Sunday brunch at Fuego consists of a complimentary mimosa, an entree, and endless indulgences. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1When I saw “taco bar” under endless indulgences on the menu, I knew this would be one of my new favorite places. They had different meats to choose from. On the menu was both cilantro jalapeño skirt steak or tequila lime chicken. However, today our super sweet waiter let us know they were offering salmon tacos and that I could not pass it up. I’m usually not too big of a fish taco fan, but today I felt like venturing outside of my comfort zone. It could have been the mariachis serenading us throughout the meal. I was seriously at the taco bar before my food came out. They had more toppings than I have ever seen at a taco bar, the photo does not do it justice. I limited myself to only one taco because there were so many options, I knew I didn’t want to get too full too soon.

2By the time I came back with my taco, my food had arrived. Our table was right along the water so throughout brunch we had beautiful views of the Long Beach Harbor. I could even see the Queen Mary from my seat. I ordered the Steak Tampiqueno (also a suggestion from our waiter), which came with a grilled New York Steak, Ranchero Sauce, Fried Eggs, Black Beans, and Serrano cream. Not only was the plate beautiful, but it tasted delicious. Despite my friends giving me a hard time every time, I always order my steaks medium well. Despite this, the steak was not dry at all. My favorite part had to be the ranchero sauce, but the side of plantains was also a very nice surprise.


3Accompanying me was Suzy, another SoCal Blogger Babe (instagram here). She ordered the chilaquiles. This consisted of folded scrambled eggs, fried corn tortillas, oaxaca cheese, red and green sauce, black beans, and crema fresca. I was so focused on my own plate that I did not get a chance to try hers, but I can say it did look absolutely beautiful. I loved the different shades of greens and reds that I typically do not see in most chilaquiles plates (and I have ordered my fair share).




5At this point I was starting to get full, but I did not stop there. Inside was another station of buffet style food. There were two different kinds of salad, fresh fruit, and breads and cheese you could choose from inside. This was amongst another three different kinds of ceviche. I typically am not a big tomato fan, but like I said, I was venturing outside the comfort zone today. The mercado shrimp ceviche was to die for.

4By this point, I was about ready to explode, but there was also an entire table of desserts calling my name. There were a couple different kinds of flan that were no surprise, delicious. I wish I would have had more room to try more desserts, but I guess that’s an opportunity for next time.


I have to say, I was very thankful to be able to try brunch at Fuego. The location was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the mariachi entertainment was very talented. As I discussed with Suzy, some of the restaurants I have gone to with live music can be very loud and distracting. This wasn’t the case at Fuego. Perhaps because we were outside, the music was the perfect volume and they all had beautiful voices.

As far as cost: you are able to get the complimentary mimosa, entee, and access to the endless indulgences for $45/adult. Children under 12 are $18.50 and it does not include an entree. Any additional mimosas are $5.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this Munch Monday!

9 thoughts on “Fuego Restaurant in Long Beach

  1. First off – Munch Mondays are the coolest! I love that! Secondly, this brunch place sounds like heaven! My husband and I love brunch and take our brunch time very seriously! I think we would both love Fuego!

    Thank you for the recommendation!


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