What I’ve Learned Eating Vegan for a Week and a Half

I go to a wonderful church in Fullerton that spoke on the idea of a Daniel Fast (you can read about it here) for three weeks. Basically, it is the idea of sacrificing your physical body in order to strengthen your spiritual self and closeness with God. For today’s Wellness Wednesday I thought I’d shine some light on what it has been like to eat vegan the last week and a half, strictly on the “physical body” aspect.


Now I am by no means a nutritionist. This is not going to be a post telling you how much healthier it is to cut out meat and dairy. I have not been tracking my protein intake and I could possibly do harm for that reason. I do, however, feel a lot less bloated, but I feel that could be due to cutting out the majority of fast food and eating overall less calories. Lucky for me I happen to be a tofu lover, so artificial meats were not too hard to transition into for me. What I would like to point out though, is the healthy habits it has instilled in me.

  1. I can’t really eat junk food. This isn’t by choice, but simply by a lack of options. There was one instance where I was coming home from my brother’s house and all that was left was drive-thru restaurants. I was able to find a Veggie burger at Carl’s Jr, but the vast majority of fast food places do not offer vegan options. I actually went to Del Taco before that for their new “vegan taco”, but it is still not available at all Del Taco’s.
  2. My snacks are healthier. I realized that a lot of my prior snacks had dairy in it. I’m no longer able to eat chips or chocolates. I find myself snacking on a lot on fruits and veggies. I have even started eating things like pico de gallo even though I am not normally a fan of tomatoes.
  3. I’m checking the labels. Consciously choosing to eat vegan has put me in a situation where I have the read the labels of all the foods I buy. You would NOT believe how much bread is cooked with dairy and eggs! I feel like this is a great habit to have that I can take with me after the Fast.
  4. I’m cooking more at home. Not only have I found it a lot cheaper to cook at home during the Fast, I’m realizing it is SO much easier. I’m the type of person that really doesn’t like to make a fuss to the waiter when I go out to eat, so I’ve switched to primarily making my own meals. I’m saving money and knowing exactly what is in the dishes I am preparing.
  5. I’m eating smaller, more frequent meals. I felt like I have kick started my metabolism by eating a lot of smaller meals and fitting in more healthy snacks. I hope to take this with me after fasting.

There you have it, five ways eating Vegan has taught me to make healthier choices as a whole! I don’t think I will continue eating this way after the Fast is over, but I hope to at least incorporate these five lessons into my regular diet. Hope you enjoyed this Wellness Wednesday!

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