Newchella Part 2: Review

Hello everyone! For today’s Things to do Thursdays I wanted to just hop on here and give you a quick review about how Newchella went on Sunday. I did walk in all three shows, so I wasn’t able to take a ton of pictures, but I did want to share some of the ones I was able to grab from other bloggers. I also wanted to tag the brands I walked for.


Look 1: Amalfii.  The set was “St. Andrews” beige corduroy set, that sells for $62. The kimono is “Rebecca” mink smoking jacket that sell for $130. I have to say I got a TON of compliments in this outfit. The kimono was my absolute favorite part of the look.


Look 2: Copacabana Beachwear. I am in the La Perla romper that sells for $48. I absolutely loved it. It was very comfortable and I was excited to see something other than swimsuits in the Copacabana line.


Look 3: Model Citizen (Instagram here). This fashion show was actually very fun to walk in, we were able to go to their location in Huntington Beach and choose our own outfits. Clearly, I have a little bias regarding this jumpsuit. It was black with little lace cut outs on the side. It was very form fitting and very flattering. I was not able to add the price because the site is down. All jewelry is from Bexo.

Overall, it was a pleasure to be able to walk in the shows in another Bosschella event. I very much enjoyed working with all three brands.

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