Small Business Spotlight: BEXO

Hello everyone! I have a lot of things going on in my personal life, but I wanted to find time to hop on here and spotlight one of my favorite small businesses: BEXO (website here). I have worked with them numerous times at the Bosschella events held by the Socal Blogger Babes, as well as being style by them for shoots. BEXO is run by the greatest power couple, Jacqueline & Paolo. They are both so sweet, so kind, and so humble, I can’t say enough about them. I am also just genuinely in love with all of their pieces, I thought I’d link some of my favorites here.

image_959c430f-f8d9-477b-abe7-fd288ef1de98_grandeRose Quartz Lovelies
Price: $48
My 2 Cents: I can’t get enough of these pieces. I am not a huge statement piece girl when it comes to my jewelry. I prefer dainty, simple jewelry and these hit everything I love. Healing power of quartz aside, I love how soft and feminine the pink stone looks on the delicate chain.


image_6b1f0858-4569-48ea-ac6d-44d9552c15ea_grandeRoyal Necklace
Price: $88
My 2 Cents: I actually own this one and I am obsessed. I have a very tiny and simple cross I wear every day, and after getting this necklace on Sunday, I started layering the two and I love how it looks. I love the way this necklace looks relatively short with a longer simple piece layered on top. I pretty much wear this every day.


image_19c42bfb-8654-4bbb-91cb-a828fb9a92db_grandeMint Green Jade Hoops
Price: $54
My 2 Cents: What drew me to Bexo was their hoop earrings. I love a classic hoop, and all of Bexo’s are not too big and VERY light weight. I can’t wear any earrings that are too heavy because I hate how it makes my earlobes feel. You’ll barely notice these bad boys on and the beautiful jade stone makes them unforgettable.


image_8fcdfbb5-bdf0-4415-9b7a-7ffb2c1805a7_grandeCrescent Moonstone
Price: $42
My 2 Cents: Another simple necklace I am absolutely obsessed with. I have to say, I am seeing a lot of the crescent trends in jewelry lately, and BEXO does it again with this one. I much prefer this than the usual necklaces that have sparkly stones all over it. I adore the white stone that was used in this piece.


That’s all for now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!


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