The Ultimate Treat Yo-Self Night

Life can be tough sometimes. So for today’s Stay At Home Tuesday I’ll be sharing with you my go-to, pamper yourself because you’re worth it night. So sit back, relax, and take some notes on a good old fashioned treat yo-self night. Make sure you can find a time you can spend some alone, uninterrupted quiet time.

20141112_143827__86072.1415861860.500.750_1__77182.1478067227.1280.1280I start off by washing my hair with Orlando Pita Argan Gloss Shampoo. You can buy a big pump bottle here for $24.99. The Argan oil is supposed to help create sleek, frizz-free hair. I absolutely love the smell of it, and since it’s such a huge bottle it lasts forever. I also like that it is supposed to help against thermal damage, because I’m not always great about using heat protecting spray so I like to be as covered as possible. I have been trying to grow my hair, and I’ve noticed that keeping it healthy really does the trick.






Next I’ll do my Coco & Eve hair mask which you can buy here for $44.90. You simply put this on after you shampoo, and you’ll want to put the it generously & evenly & brush through with the tangle tamer brush. You leave it on for 10 minutes. Usually I’ll set my phone beside me outside of the bath & put a timer on so I know when it’s time to wash it out.


023839407I will usually draw a bath. Lately I have been loving this Rose shower gel from Bath & Body Works which you can purchase here for $12.50. I am obsessed with anything rose-smelling so this was an obvious purchase for me. Bath & Body Works constantly has deals where you can mix and match for cheaper prices so it may be worth it to check out the rest of the site.





s_5b3055563e0caa251b6cef55Because this is the ULTIMATE Treat-Yo-Self Night obviously just bubbles is not going to suffice, I’ll add these Ellen Tracy Brilliant Rose  scented soap petals in the bath as well, because I like to be extra and there’s nothing wrong with that. They are sold here





I have been using this facial cleanser lately, and I love the scent and the way it makes my skin feel. It is also very affordable, where you can buy it here for $10.99. It is supposed to minimize the appearance of pores while creating a soft & smooth complexion. Plus, Alba Botanica uses vegetarian products and do not test on animals which I can definitely get behind.




Now that your bath is done and you’re nice and relaxed, I’ll usually put on a face mask while I relax in bed. Yesto created great face masks and you can purchase this one here. They are currently goin for less than $4 on Amazon. This one is supposed to be soothing and calming for your skin, perfect for winding down.





1038367Keeping the roses theme alive (it is almost Valentine’s Day, after all), I’ll usually light some candles. You can purchase this one from Yankee Candle for $29.50 here. I’ve purchased quite a few this size, and not only do they last a super long time, but their scent is very strong and long-lasting. I’m a huge fiend for candles so this is definitely a must for your treat-yo-self night.



81vyp6aiz3l I’ll usually try to end with a good book, if you need a suggestion I am currently reading Influencer by Brittany Hennessy which you can purchase here. Try to let your hair air dry if you can. Now that your hair and skin are pampered, try to pamper your brain with a good book as well.






There you have it, everyone. I hope you’re all able to refer back to this post and follow the steps for a perfect treat-yo-self night. Let me know if any of you try it. Until next time!

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