Purple Yoga

Featured image from purple yoga.org
: Purple Yoga
Address: 140 W Amerige Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Discovered Through: Stumbled across it myself

Hi Everyone! Happy Wellness Wednesday! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite yoga studios, Purple Yoga. I was mostly doing Bikram yoga when I was in Santa Barbara for college. Upon moving back home, I wanted to find a new studio. I have always loved the benefits of hot yoga– my “yoga high” afterwards, my added flexibility, and my time to  clear my head for an hour. I was going to Core Power for a little while, but Purple Yoga was a lot closer to home.

Purple Yoga is a little bit of a smaller studio, though it does have another location in Long Beach, I haven’t gone to myself. My class of choice is the Red 70, where it is 70 minutes of temperatures of 100 F, with added music and sun salutations. I feel with any yoga studio, you’re going to feel a bit lost your first couple classes until you become familiar with the different poses. All of the instructors I have encountered will go around and help you make adjustments. All of the instructors have very different styles and things they focus on, so no two classes are the same. What I always love is the fact that there are yogis of all levels that come to Purple Yoga. Some of the other classes I have taken through Classpass are all tiny girls in Lululemon from head to toe. The afternoon classes can be a bit intimate, though I’m sure a few college kids will sprinkle in throughout the day since it is so close to Cal State Fullerton & Fullerton College.

One of my saddest moments was having to end my membership with Purple Yoga due to financial issues. I was very happy to see a lot of their classes are available on ClassPass, though. They also have $10 classes in their slower times. I will list all of the membership prices for those of you interested. They also have a great cycle studio walking distance that is also wonderful.

Autopay Options:

  • Autopay ($125): Unlimited access to Yoga only or Pedal only.
  • Best option for those coming 3x+ a week. (3x week = $9.62/class)


  • Autopay Plus ($185): Unlimited access to Yoga AND Pedal.
  • (4x week = $10.68/class)


  • Autopay 8x Monthly ($95): Eight monthly visits at Yoga OR Pedal.
  • $95/ 8 visits = $11.88/class
  • Wanna practice more? Drop in for a special Autopay Member only rate of $13/class (regular $20)


  • Autopay 4x Monthly($50): Four monthly visits at Yoga OR Pedal.
  • $50/ 4 visits = $12.50/class
  • Wanna practice more? Drop in for a special Autopay Member only rate of $13/class (regular $20)


Class Packs can be purchased (10 classes or 20 classes), which never expire. Class packs can be used at all Purple Yoga and Purple Pedal centers. If you’re looking for just a 30 day pass (month), we’ve got that too.

  • 10 Class Pack ($175): $17.50/class
  • 20 Class Pack ($285): $14.25/class

That’s all for now! Please feel free to reach out with any questions! Namaste!

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