Place: Milksud (Instagram here)
Address: 14331 Euclid Street Suite 107, Garden Grove, CA 92843
Discovered Through: I personally reached out

Hello everyone! Sorry for missing a couple days last week, but life has been crazy. I did want to make sure to hop on here and introduce you all to a brand new tea/coffee place: Milksud! I saw them on Instagram and decided I had to check them out. Here’s the 411–

The Info— Milksud opened up earlier this year, and it is the only one like it! This place is not a chain so you’re going to have to drive down to Garden Grove if you want to check it out. It is nestled in a shopping center, but I was able to find parking right in front of the building at 2pm on a Friday. Right now on Yelp they have a buy one, get one free special if you check in.

The Drinks— For the drinks I let the manager decide his favorites. The ones I got are pictured here:

Monkey Wrench (s $4.75/ lg $5.50): banana milk – cold brew coffee – belgian chocolate
Matcha Libre (s $4.75/lg $5.50): nitro infused matcha latte – strawberry milk – strawberry crumble
Flamingo X(s $4.75/lg $5.50): – prickly pair horchata – jasmine green tea – raspberry crumble

The Monkey Wrench is typically something I would order. I am usually a pretty big fan of cold brews because I am one of those people that need to pump caffeine in my veins to act like a functioning human being. This one was pretty good, a lot of the time cold brews are very bitter, and this one wasn’t the case. The bananas were an interesting twist, and something I could definitely taste.

The Matcha Libra was my first experience with a matcha drink and I actually really liked it. I don’t really have anything to compare it to, since it was my first matcha drink, but the flavor wasn’t too sweet. I was expecting a very bland, almost bitter drink (something like an unsweetened green tea), but it was actually pleasantly good. This could be due to all the strawberry flavorings added to it. It also just looked really pretty. The green drink with the pops of pink make it very Instagrammable, though I realize this isn’t necessarily a huge selling point to people outside of the blogging/influencer world.

The Flamingo X is going to be something I dream about for years to come. It’s interesting because this isn’t something I’d typically order looking at the menu. Seeing something like “prickly pear horchata” mixed with “jasmine green tea” would usually be a combination that would send me running. It was seriously so delicious. It’s a sweet milk tea that you can definitely taste the hints of jasmine in it. 10/10 would recommend and will probably steal from you if I had the chance.

The Space— As a girl that got through college hopping from one location to the other in hopes of finding places to camp out and study, I had to shed some light on this space. When I think of coffee/milk tea places, I think of very small, crammed, locations with very few tables. I picture myself grabbing my drink and getting the heck out of there. Milksud is different. It was very well lit, quiet, with lots of individual tables, and TONS of outlets to plug in your laptop. I found myself jealous we didn’t have one of these places in Santa Barbara when I went there. There was a cute wall you could take pictures with of a llama (or alpaca?) on a motorcycle, and a shelf with tons of games on it as well if that’s your jam. I’d really recommend using it for a study location or a place to get some work done with a Flamingo X (or 7).

Well there you have it for today’s Munch Monday! Hope you’re able to head down to Milksud and try it for yourself! Please always feel free to reach out with any questions & I’ll catch you next time!

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