Rollin’ Deep Ice Cream

Location: Rollin Deep Ice Cream (website here)
Address: 891 Baker St. B-19 Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Discovered Through: Reached Out On My Own

Growing up, I was never part of a “dessert” family. Anytime we went out to dinner, we hardly ever ordered desserts to end our meal. This equated to adult me: who feels so-so about dessert food in general. So, when I share with you a dessert place, it means it really is something special. Enter here, Rollin Deep Ice Cream in Costa Mesa.

The Space. Rollin Deep is located in a shopping center. I really appreciated the giant sign (which was super helpful upon trying to find it). Waze led me directly there and I was able to find it without a problem since the sign faces the street. Inside, it was really a beautiful space. You can see the wittiness and sense of humor that went into it with the “but first, ICE CREAM” sign as soon as you walk in. To the right, an entire wall had a very beautiful mural which made a really cool backdrop for photos. There was plenty of seating along the mural wall, as well as along the bright windows inside the shop. There was a giant menu on another wall, as well as small laminated menus you could use (which I prefer so I can be a lot less conspicuous trying to decide between all the choices). All of the ice cream they create right in front of you, and I was able to get some cool videos when they make the “roll combinations”. They even have an option where you can make your own combinations: choosing the style, flavors, and toppings you want. The possibilities are literally endless.

Matcha Green Tea
Topped With Whipped Cream, Strawberries, Sweetened Red Bean, and Condensed Milk

The first item we got was the Matcha Green Tea in a cup. This was under one of the preset roll combination options and it did not disappoint. If you saw from my post last week, you know that I am a newfound matcha fan, and this is definitely a must-try for you matcha lovers out there. The ice cream itself is not too sweet, which is something I prefer in my desserts, and the sweetened red beans and strawberries on top added such a nice twist. There’s nothing like fresh fruit to make you feel less guilty about indulging in ice cream. I also sampled their “banana nutella” flavor, which was also delicious for those of you with a sweeter tooth. Another option they offer other than the “cup” is the “mochi taco” for all of their preset roll combinations. This is a bit of a hot commodity, and unfortunately they were sold out during my visit.

Valentine’s Day Special
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Cocoa Puffs mixed in, Teddy Grahams, Heart Sprinkles

Now, what all of you were asking about on Instagram, the very special Valentine’s Day swirl combination was the second item we got. Now, like I said, I’m typically not a sweet dessert type of gal, but this was so delicious and absolutely the cutest dessert I’ve probably ever had. It has freaking heart sprinkles and teddy grahams along the side, need I say more? It was so cute I didn’t want to eat it, but I’m really glad I did. It was seriously spectacular.

Leaving Rollin Deep, I was left wanting to try more. I love a great pun, and with names like “I’m in Love with the Cocoa” and “La Bron” (covered with gold flakes), it’s really something I can get behind. They let me know that their menu changes with every season, so you can always expect something different when you come back. Can’t wait to see what other specials they will have to come!

That’s all for now! Happy Munch Monday, everyone!

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