Fathom Events: TCM Big Screen Classics

Fathom Events: TCM Big Screen Classics (Website Here)
Discovered Through: My Dad

I’m not sure if any of you are like me, but there’s something about old classic movies that are so dear to my heart that I had to share this. A couple weeks ago, my Dad invited me to see The Wizard of Oz in theaters. Now upon hearing this, I was a little skeptical. I’m a big fan of the movie, but it came out, What? 80 years ago? I couldn’t really picture it being re-released in theaters. Well, he was right and it really was special being able to see it on the big screen. Fathom Events has a series called Turner Classic Movies: Big Screen Classics, where every month they have old movies come back to the big screen. On their website which I linked above, you simply type in your city or zip code, and they will tell you which theaters will be showing the movie listed and on which dates. You can buy tickets directly on there. They work with over 875 cinemas across the US, so there is most likely one near you!

Upcoming Movies:
– March: To Kill a Mockingbird
– April: Ben-Hur
– May: True Grit, Steel Magnolias
– June: Field of Dreams
– July: Glory
– August: Hello, Dolly!
– September: Lawrence of Arabia, The Shawshank Redemption
– October: Alien
– November: The Godfather Part 2
– December: When Harry Met Sally

I really appreciated being able to see a classic movie my dad loved so much in the theaters. There’s something so special about being able to see a movie on the big screen, as opposed to on my laptop or tv at home. The best part was seeing little children in the theater watching The Wizard of Oz probably for the first time alongside their parents. I think it’s so nice to be able to keep these classic alive from generation to generation, and I am looking forward to being able to see some of the upcoming movies this year.

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