ZenCat Lounge

Location: Zencat Lounge (Website Here)
Address: 1211 W Central Ave, Brea, CA 92821
Discovered Through: SoCal Blogger Babes (Website Here)


Hello everyone! I wanted to hop on here and share with you all one of the coolest things I’ve done: Cat Yoga! I was invited to this adoption center through a collaboration with the SoCal Blogger Babes and I am honestly so happy to have had this experience. The yoga was just one of the cool things you can do at ZenCat Lounge. The yoga itself was good, we did a vinyasa flow, however, the instructor did let us decide what kind of yoga we wanted to do. On the website they offer: Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hathaflow + ZenCat Restore, and SilverSneakers Yoga (all are fully described on the website). A drop in class is $20 (which is about comparable to what I pay at a regular studio). Cats are free roaming throughout the class, and no offense will be taken if you take a break to say hello to a kitty. You can book a reservation here. There are also meditation classes you can take for $20, or you can simply come in to get to know the cats for $18 an hour.

I really think this adoption center is an amazing thing. Yoga and Meditation is something that interests me in general, so it is really special to be able to do that while getting to know a future best friend. The goal is to get the cats adopted, after all. If you are planning on adoption a feline friend I think this is absolutely the way to go. All of the cats are very socialized, both with the other cats and with the people attending.

All of the adoption fees range from $80-$140. The kitties are looking for their forever homes. On the website is a brief description of each cat, along with a short bio describing their personalities (down to their favorite places to get scratches). If I didn’t already have two dogs, believe me I would jump on this opportunity. Hope you all are able to check them out!

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