Luxury Scent Box

Brand: Luxury Scent Box (Website Here)
Discovered Through: Paid Collaboration
(35% off your first month)

So before I get into this nifty subscription box service that reached out to me (and you know how I love subscription boxes), I first have to get into my relationship with perfumes in general because I think there is a very specific type of person (if you’re like me) that could benefit from this service. I grew up in a household where my mom was buying the newest and best perfumes constantly. She has a designated place in the house filled with her collection, and she will wear different ones depending on her mood. That being said, I inherited a similar relationship with these scents, and even was gifted any she no longer wanted. We also both end up spending way too much on full bottles of perfume that we’ll eventually stop using. I am also a person who will usually buy my perfumes at makeup stores, in order to avoid pushy salesmen at department stores (I don’t know if it’s because of my background in sales, but I really do hate these sale-pitch interactions). Enter here, Luxury Scent Box, where I am able to try different kinds of perfume while avoiding the hassle of having to go to a department store to find and try the perfume I want.

Luxury Scent Box is essentially a monthly subscription of designer and niche Men and Women fragrances shipped directly to your home on a monthly basis. They are only $15 a month (or you can upgrade to premium for $18/month for exclusive scents), which is way cheaper than a typical bottle of perfume goes anyway. I chose some pretty expensive scents in my 3 months supply: Guilty by Gucci, Bright Crystal by Versace, and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I typically would get tired of any scent after a month anyway, so this is why this subscription box would work so well for someone like me. There is no commitment or contracts, and you are able to cancel at any time. When you first sign up, you are paired with a fragrance specialist. After taking a short survey, you are then matched with recommendations that were personally selected for you. This is something I would appreciate, because since I am constantly avoiding department stores, the only time I really get any suggestions is from my mom or if I’m able to get a quick whiff when the salesperson isn’t around. You then choose from a list of hundreds of different fragrances to add to your calendar. I was pleasantly surprised by the collection they had on there. You are then sent approximately a month’s supply of perfume in their handy dandy travel sized containers. Their containers are .3 OZ, so definitely one of the larger containers I’ve seen as far as travel sized fragrance containers go. It’s nice to know I can bring these on a plane if I need to. I was overall really impressed with this subscription box and feel it would be worthwhile.

If you think that this subscription box may be for you, feel free to use my discount code SHANNELGOETTMAN for 35% off (that’s $9.75 for your first month plus free shipping).

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